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Service and technical support
1 offers you a kind of pre-service? Such as: whether to provide samples? Sample is charged? Freight which party bears?
A: You can provide samples, samples of charge, freight borne by the buyer.

2 offer you the kind of sale of services? Such as: wearing parts replenishment method? Delivery cycle (Order Start)?
A: The sale offers free consumable parts.
Delivery period: 30 days.

3 service? As long shelf life? What is the warranty period to provide services?
A: The warranty period is one year
     Product quality problems, free replacement

4 Other special services? Such as design, customization, installation, training and other services!
A: Customers within reasonable limits acceptable technical modifications
     Can be customized labels, product logos, cartons, packaging

5 Does your company do OEM?
A: Our company can provide OEM and ODM.
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