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2012 garden machinery and equipment exhibition held in Shanghai(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2013-09-20
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      Yesterday, the 2012 Shanghai Garden Machinery Equipment and Technology Exhibition at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, a variety of sanitation new equipment, new technology debut show. Versatile "Urban Rider" can spray sprinkler clean pavement, but also mowing, fertilizing, winter, snow can be de-icing salt sand.
      Chinese Commercial News reporters Zai Xian and Chang Kandao, newly developed compact garbage collection compression equipment, to take "pre-installed rear-dump" garbage container technology, completely changed in the past little pressure station trash container trailer trash, sewage drip phenomenon, and unified device interface standardization, enhance the small pressure station equipment technology.
      Meanwhile, there is a newly developed and patented domestic multifunctional green sprinkler having a high atomization spray, green sprinkler function, the formation of three-dimensional spray, aerial spraying is to reduce wastage, improve the efficiency of green conservation mechanized operations. Most onlookers cause "urban ranger" operating vehicles, whether sidewalks or bicycle lane to run freely, it can in four minutes without tools supporting all kinds of outdoor jobs can switch accessories.
      According to reports, all participating countries sanitation vehicles have been fully realized IV emission standards, and the use of advanced car chassis, greatly improving the corrosion resistance of sanitation garbage truck and operational safety performance.
      The exhibition municipal green city Bureau, Shanghai Exhibition Center, organized as the most influential professional exhibition of the boutique, exhibition will last until the 20th over.

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